The stench of hypocrisy from Remain


Watching the media through the lens of the London-centric mainstream and you’d be forgiven for thinking Brexit was a disaster unravelling before our very eyes.

Whether it’s the falling currency, a row over Marmite, High Court setbacks for triggering Article 50 or various unscientific polls suggesting a shift in public opinion, there’s a constant stream of negative propaganda gracing our airwaves and television screens.

But when our economy grew by 0.5% between July and September in direct contradiction to Remain claims that the economy was going to contract and take us back into recession, you never heard challenges made to those lies, did you? And when Theresa May is off jet setting around the world and 14 major economies publicly express an interest in free trade agreements post-Brexit, you never see the lies about the vote making us more inward-looking analysed either, do you? In October the Office for National Statistics showed that Britain’s employment rate (people aged 16-64 in work) of 74.5% was the joint highest figure since records began in 1971. Hear that on the 6 o’clock news? No, you won’t have.

Those of us which voted leave can probably reel off a dozen positives since the vote and we haven’t even left yet. And yet, the referendum may long be over but Remain are still employing the same tactics which lost them the vote. There has been talk in some quarters that both sides now need to come together to make the best of our separation from the European Union. That is both a noble and grown-up suggestion and one which is hard to argue with. But the reality? The reality simply isn’t that straightforward.

You see, Remain and their liberal controlled media constantly reminded us that they were the economically responsible ones. They were the voters who didn’t like risk and weren’t prepared to gamble on their future. Yet in a u-turn of epic proportions, and now that it suits them, they are suddenly champions of ‘Parliamentary democracy’ which in reality is holding up the process and prolonging the economic uncertainty for us all. It doesn’t matter that for 41 years they were more than happy to let an increasing number of powers transfer to Brussels – this is their new stance and it doesn’t matter if it conflicts with views from just a few months ago. By the way, does anyone remember a similar lawsuit being filed against Tony Blair in 2004 when he used the Royal Prerogative to sign the Treaty of Rome and give away UK powers to the EU? Rhetorical question of course because they were obviously fine for that to happen.2f2162d5088cdfe91f01ed37b7113434

Remain also went to great lengths to let us know that they were the intelligent, university-educated part of the electorate. And yet, they’re now the ones lobbying the CPS to prosecute the Vote Leave campaign over an ambiguous claim on the side of a big red bus. Completely ignoring all of the lies promoted by their own campaign, they now claim people were ‘knowingly misled’ over the £350m figure. This is despite the fact that it was made clear in every single live TV debate that the £350m referred to a gross figure and not the net weekly contribution. It was also roundly criticised, along with George Osborne’s fictitious treasury figures, way ahead of the vote so the suggestion that this pledge made a difference to the final outcome and should be regarded as criminal activity is, frankly, pretty laughable.

The truth is many remainers suffer from a superiority complex and will not be happy until they are proven right – even if it means dragging Britain down with it. A quick peek on the Government’s petition website reveals literally dozens of rejected petitions calling for the referendum result to be “annulled” and “cancelled” for a variety of fantasised reasons – one even calling for any future tax rises to only be levied against leave voters (as if that is a feasible possibility).

It’s all desperately childish stuff and the reality is that they don’t really care about the economy. They’re not more intelligent than you. And they certainly don’t care about Britain. All they care about is saying “I told you so” at the end of this process. Whatever the cost. And ironically it is precisely this insufferable attitude which persuaded so many people to vote the way they did back in June.

Ultimately they are still bitter about the result. And it’s not surprising given the number of lies, celebrity backing and taxpayers’ money they chucked at their campaign. Are they ever likely to change their ways? Not anytime soon we’re afraid, so settle in for the ride.

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  1. your article is very true the media are stiring trouble all the time and the BBC is the top of the pile don’t these people realize that this outfit is a publicly owned entity and should remain neutral.


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